Demolition and Rebirth
See the Hingham Naval Shipyard.
Naval Air Base
The Patriot Squadron  ghosts
of the past in South Weymouth.
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Virtual guided tours of declassified military sites, port of call
tours and various other industrial studies. Tour the relics of days
gone by when the Northeast was in full swing production of
heavy war supplies:
What is the Sack Rabbit?
The Sack Rabbit was a B-17 that
flew 34 missions over enemy
territory during WWII. A first hand
look at some of the crew
members of  the B-17 Flying
Fortress. A great story of the 487th
Bomb Group from Dorchester, MA
to Lavenham England to Easton,
MA. A virtual tour of some of the
WWII warbirds and the men who
flew them.
"Without  the duties of
these courageous warriors, we
would not have this peaceful day."
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Icons of Industry
The Fore River Basin.
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Pirate ship Whydah: Cape Cods
treasure of Wellfleet.
USNS Sisler, Medal of Honor
The K77 sank in 2007, raised
in 2008, scrapped in 2009.
***New name Southfield***
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Feb 7, 2009
"Articulated Boom  Topples into
Downtown Boston Bookstore".